Bold means my favorites.

*Megalodon(?) tooth.

*Triceratops tooth.

  • 5 Jurassic Dinosaur bone pieces. Including a Polished One!
  • 3 Trilobites. An Elrathia Kingii, a Gerastos and this small Bolivian Trilobite I can't identify. I knew years ago.
  • Polished petrified wood.
  • 2 Spinosaurus teeth.
  • 2 Mosasaur teeth.
  • Alligator tooth.
  • Dyrosaurus tooth.
  • Various Shark teeth.
  • Many Ammonites. Including a GIANT One!
  • Possible piece of marine Reptile Bone. Field collected.

*Unidentified Titanosaur egg shell.

  • 2 Ferns.
  • Several Shells.
  • HUGE block of stone with Shells.
  • Polished Goniatite.

*Piece of AMBER!

*Piece of Moa bone. Field collected.

*Several shell fragments in situ.

*Shells in rock. Just shells, but darn cool! And VERY heavy!

  • Possible Dinosaur toe bone. Field collected. In 5 pieces, but I can repair it some time.
  • Possible Sponge. Field Collected.

*Lump of Coal. Lame. :P

  • Carcharodontosaurus claw (fake).
  • Golden Ammonite (fake).

My collection is smaller than some, but bigger than most. And I'm proud of it.